Are People Bored In Business Meetings Or Just Tired? [Solution]

Let’s face it, business meetings are boring. You try to stay alert but your eyelids are getting heavier and before you know it you’ve dozed off. You hope no one saw but you’re sure your team leader did, they always do. But you can’t help it, anytime you’re stuck in a room full of people, you get tired.

It’s not just you. And yes, business meetings can be tiring and oh so dull but chances are, you’re probably dehydrated. Did you know that the air conditioning system in your place of work is the main culprit for dehydrating your body? That combined with not consuming enough water throughout the day will have that effect on you.

Benefits of Hydration: Drinking Water Boosts Alertness

The best thing business owners and office managers can do is to supply cold water to meeting attendees. Not only will it hydrate them, but it will also keep them awake and alert throughout the business meeting.

One way to supply water to employees is with a water cooler. The cooler itself is supplied on a rental basis and the coolers offered by ourselves, London Water Delivery, go for as little as £1 per week. This bottle less water source is typically placed in common areas, enabling staff to use as needed.

As an additional, managers can offer meeting attendees bottled water upon entering the board room to ensure they hydrate during the meeting. This tactic offers excellent results, especially in long financial meetings.

Beat Workplace Fatigue with a Water Cooler from London Water Delivery

Don’t let your team fall asleep during important business meetings. Give them what they need to stay awake and they’ll love you for it!

At London Water Delivery we can provide you with the following: Supply and delivery of water coolers as well as bottled water and water packs for home, office and warehouse use. For more information or to place an order, give us a call today!

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