Keep Your Employees Hydrated with an Office Water Cooler from London Water Delivery

Important, yet often overlooked in the workplace is employee hydration or the lack thereof. Did you know that hydration plays a crucial part in employee performance ability? If your staff members are dehydrated, it impairs their concentration levels, leading to poor performance and workplace accidents. The best way to ensure that your workforce drinks enough fluids throughout the day is to supply them with fresh water. Placing water coolers throughout the office will increase water consumption significantly.

It is a known fact that humans have to consume 6 to 8 glasses of water a day for optimum health but if your job requires physical duties like construction workers, you might need double the amount to avoid dehydration.

More than three-quarters of the body is comprised of water, which is why it is vital to supply employees with easy access to fresh water daily. Even the slightest drop in hydration levels can lead to headaches, impaired concentration and lethargy. Now, these conditions might not seem serious or even fatal, the potential consequences they hold might be.

With an extensive range of portable water coolers available on the market, it is easy for employers to install them at strategic places around the property to make chilled or hot water available for workers throughout the day. Office workers can suffer the effects of dehydration without even knowing it by being exposed to air conditioning every day. The best thing you can do as an employer is to ensure that your workforce has access to free water on a daily basis. This will improve productivity and decrease the likelihood of workplace accidents.

London Water Delivery can assist your business with the supply and delivery of Water Coolers, Bottled Water and Water packs for home, office and warehouse use. For more information or to place an order, get in touch with the team today!

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